26 November 2007

The face of a winner!

My Grover, my best friend. I'm thankful for such a loving, goofy presence in my life. And because I chose to share with the world how truly thankful I am for him, he and I won a photo contest!

Jessica Claire (an amazing photographer) asked for submissions of a photo that sums up what you are thankful for this year. With a few hiccups in my life recently, I've treasured Grover's companionship above all (much to the chagrin of my husband who said "Hmpf!" in a register vaguely reminiscent of Miss Piggy.) It seemed only right to submit him. With some well timed prodding from my dear friend Kate, lo and behold, we were chosen! I'm still a bit gobsmacked as the other submissions are nothing short of amazing. Touching, beautiful, just downright spectacular... I feel like an imposter.

Thanks to Jessica for loving his ugly mug, and to Kate for mentioning it in the first place. I can now stop lusting after her awesome Jessica Claire Shootsac, as one is on its way to me. Heeeee...


  1. Great work!!! That is so cool that you won!

  2. YAY Julia!!!!
    I hope NOW you realize how amazing your work is.....we've been telling you that for a LONG time now! :)

  3. Ohhh, I forgot...
    Did you get a cover too? I'm nosy and love seeing what cover everyone chooses. heehee