13 March 2008

"London is a roost for every bird." ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Just felt like going through some photos I shot in England last year... my style, technique, and "eye" have changed so much and I think I've grown by leaps and bounds. Looking back at some of the photos I essentially trashed as "bad", I had to resurrect them with a new appreciation. And since I didn't have this blog back then, might as well share! =)

::: London :::

Marble Arch

St. James Park

Hyde Park Corner near Wellington Arch, the Australian War Memorial

Buckingham Palace fountain

Horse Guards

The National Gallery

Clock Tower and Parliament

The London Eye (Millennium Wheel)

West End (Catherine Street/Drury Lane just to the east of Covent Garden)

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's Cathedral

Westminster Abbey

The River Thames looking up at Tower Bridge and the HMS Belfast

Tower Bridge

::: Pimm's Cup :::
One part Pimm's No.1, two parts lemonade or lemon soda or ginger ale, ice, cucumber, mint leaves and slices of lemon, orange and strawberry... YUM! My favorite.

Harrod's of Knightsbridge

::: Along the Thames :::

The abandoned Chambers Wharf

::: Greenwich :::

National Maritime Museum

Jellied eels... yummy.

Pie & Mash

Gallery available by clicking here.

I'll post more from Yorkshire tomorrow!

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