05 August 2010

Wedding ::: 06.12.10 ::: Pine Orchard Country Club, Branford, CT

Back on June 12, I joined my wonderful friend Cheryl Cronin of Cronin Photography and her bride and groom, Julie and Ethan at Pine Orchard Country Club. It threatened to rain all day, so they brought the ceremony indoors - and it was fabulous!!!!

Here they come!

Nothing makes me happier than laughter.

How adorable was Ethan's grandfather?! 100 years old!


Oh please, like I'll ever miss a "grape" shot.

These make my heart happy!

OK, so it's not technically the best shot I've ever taken, but c'mon. How cute.

So here's my nerdy achievement for the day. I shot this and my flash didn't go off. It was almost pitch black. I was able to salvage it pretty much! I couldn't pass it up, it was just too cute.

And lastly, the hilarity of going up in the chairs and not hitting the giant balls made the night complete!

Thanks for having me along for the ride, Cheryl. :) And congratulations to Julie & Ethan!

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  1. COME ON with the flower girl and her little "boop" dress - love it! Can't wait to have you with me this weekend!! xxoo