12 May 2008

Chickens and kittens and doggies, oh my!!

This weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to go crazy photographing a friend's menagerie. (Hi Corrie!) =)

She has the silliest, cutest free range chickens...

And this one just strikes me so funny, looking right at me. What a little character!

She also has two GORGEOUS Newfoundlands, but we decided that the safety of the camera was tantamount, so I only snapped this one before I went in for some Newf-Wrestling. He's 150lbs and GROWING. He's just enormous. This picture does not do him justice. Note: The fence was about as tall as me. ;) Gives you an idea, right?

Holly was a wee bit smaller, but for 10 years old, she could seriously MOVE!

I think my camera truly loved her two gorgeous Maine Coon cats Turkey and Zeus. Aren't they beautiful?!

Thanks for having me over, Corrie! =)

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  1. these are awesome! i love the cat peeking through the door. See! it's the same with people. it's all about timing! you just don't have to make noises to get people to look at you :)