08 May 2008

Thursday night entertainment/incompetance...

I'd like to consider myself an intelligent, logical human being.

However, I'm hoping some of my photographer friends read this pathetic plea for help.

B&H delivered this lovely reflector to me today as recommended by the lovely Carla Ten Eyck during her workshop. =) And darned if I can figure out how to get this sucker to fold back up. I'm already tired of flinching from fear of its recoil, and being attacked by my rambunctious dog who thinks it's the awesomest giant Frisbee EVER.

It took me a whole summer how to figure out how to collapse similarly built pool lounge floats, but this is apparently beyond my skill level.

If ANYONE is around and feels like posting some incredibly easy "Duh, I can't believe I thought this was hard" tips, I would appreciate it. The "fold it like a taco" tips I googled aren't helping. At. All.



  1. you are a riot! you have to use your wrists to pull it in towards itself. it's tricky. you just have to make sure you are using two hands.

    that probably doesn't help very much. ha ha.

  2. Look what I found for you!!