11 January 2009

New Year, New Life, New Blog Design!

I thought maybe I'd make the plunge to a different blog host because I've just been beyond irritated with Blogger taking HOURS to publish my feed... but in the end, I decided that I was generally happy, and maybe I just needed a makeover.

So, I tweaked my template around yesterday, waiting for the snow to pile up, and voila! Much more what I was shooting for originally anyway.

And what's a blog post without a photo... gotta make sure it works! And gotta love my lazy, goofy Grovie.

And look at that brand new archive for 2009 over on the right. Fresh clean slate! So exciting!


  1. Very impressive! I liked the new look :)

  2. well done girlfriend....now how did you get your twitter to look like that! I don't like how mine is :)

  3. Dang girl... you've got skills! I used to be so technologically inclined, now I'm a total tech dunce. I'm in awe of you!