20 January 2009

Will need to invest in wrist braces, I think...

Just for funsies, and to see if I should invest in it, I rented the Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS lens... I know it's a BEAST and I'm not sure I have the wrist strength to carry it around all day. :) So I thought the winter would be a good time to play.

Holy CRAP is that sucker heavy. But of course, now that I've played with it, I don't WANT the lighter f/4.0 version. It doesn't seem as heavy as it did when it arrived... is that possible? Though, I do fear immediate carpal tunnel.

If you own this lens, or even if you don't but have an opinion, I'd LOVE to hear from you. =) It's a big investment for someone like me, and since I'm stepping up my game this summer, I figure it's the next lens to add to my kit. It might (?) be important to note that I do NOT own the 24-70. If that affects your answer. This would come in very handy for many aspects of my business...

Here are some (totally and completely) random and probably not that interesting shots I took with it on Saturday.

Hmmm... maybe more interesting in black and white?


OK, again, not exactly interesting, but I'm in love with this lens.

These are on my house...

This didn't turn out as I had envisioned, bit still sorta fun...

Off to catch up on life. I'm behind everywhere and on everything having been at Mystic 4 for two days and gone back to work today! =)


  1. Tons of gorgeous shots, Julia!! I own the 24-70 and the 70-200 f/2.8 IS. Would be happy to talk shop with you...Too much to type...

  2. I own the same as Eileen and love both....but especially the 70-200. I would say it's worth every penny - it rocks! And yes it is heavy and yes you do get used to it....sort of :)

  3. great shots! as always! i am pretty sure i have given you my thoughts on the 70-200 before, but if not... i will tell you again. i think you need it! i couldn't go back to doing weddings without it. it isn't my most used lens, but i use it during ceremonies the most, and SHOULD use it more. you definitely want the 2.8 if you are going to use it in available light. i think it is sharper and the depth of feild seems better than with the 24-70, but maybe that is just me. definitely worth it!

  4. Not interesting my foot!
    GORGEOUS shots!

    No idea on the lens, but now I want it lol

    LOVE the boxes one (both color & black and white) but I have ask - why no Grover shots? SERIOUSLY?

  5. CRAP! Onna! LOL... I DID have a Grover one! I forgot to paste it. =) Hee hee! Oh well... guess he'll get his own post.

    Thank you guys for all the tips. :)