01 February 2009

My Superbowl buddy...

What more could a girl ask for than a bulldog to keep her company and her feet warm while flipping between the Superbowl and the Puppybowl? :)

I did snap a picture, but think the above is much sweeter, and I've never shared it before. You all don't need to actually see that, while Grovie is snuggly and sweet in a confined space (i.e. a chair), when given the opportunity to have sofa-time, he's ALLLLL about being as far away from me as possible... complete with facing the opposite direction and giving me a great view of his rump. And, oh yes... snoring.


  1. That is the sweetest ever. You look especially cute, Miss Julia. =) Love the comment about men and football. Especially the one about jumblies! DOH!!

  2. you quys are so cute together!