22 February 2009

Practice makes perfect... right?

So, I want to branch out a little with my skills. I have zero experience with studio lighting. And minimal with lighting in general. I would LOVE to have some Alien Bees and a backdrop in the future to set up if need be... or even in my loft. ;) But, that's down the road.

My mother has a jewelry business (still no website to linky-link to) and in order to get that moving, I need to take some pics of her work. But I have zero experience with jewelry photography!

This afternoon, after a lovely morning with Mz. Dini and a wedding couple (I can't WAIT!!!) I came home and played around with a cheapie little light box and some goofy lights.

It's hard! And I'm picky. I figure once I get the settings exactly right, it's probably a breeze, yeah?

This is the stuff of hers that I happen to have in MY collection. :)

Practice makes perfect... they're a little hot in spots. But sooner or later, we'll get my mom up and running!


  1. These shots are great!! Good for you, Salty. Tell me, does your Mom has a super-creative, cute business name too? Her work is beautiful.

  2. These are beautiful pieces! I LOVE the photographs. They look great!