14 June 2009

Wedding ::: 06.12.09 ::: Westover School, Middlebury, CT

Wedding season is officially in full swing! I had the WONDERFUL opportunity to shoot with my dear friend Eileen of e. broderick photography on Friday. The bride is a teacher at Westover School in Middlebury, a magnificent all girls boarding school that was founded in 1909. Amazingly beautiful place for a wedding. Below is just a small sneak peak. Eileen's photos are bound to be incredible.

Of course, if you recall, it was POURING Friday morning. And it poured my whole drive there. But par for the course with the crazy weather lately, it turned on a dime and was suddenly beautifully sunny. Perfect! Look at this sky!

Such a cool place...

All of the getting ready took place in the dorms, where Shelby lives on campus. This is always my favorite part. All the laughing and excitement and gussying up.

She was so amazingly relaxed...

All the bridesmaids had the cutest shirts...

Eileen and I snuck off to do details in the empty dorm rooms. Here she is in the zone.


Shelby's dad taught at the school for many years, and I believe she also attended herself, so it's truly a special place for the entire family. I definitely tried to get the architecture framed in the window panes.

But it was SUCH a gorgeous dress!

Had to go for a little splash of color with the flowers outside...

We headed over to meet with the guys at the groom's parents' house...

Gotta love a smooch!

And came back in time to catch Shelby opening a surprise gift from her husband-to-be.

A stunning diamond and sapphire bracelet!

We did a bunch of shots outside...

Before we knew it, it was time to walk down the aisle. Happy Mom...

Happy Dad!

260 people and there was standing room only. The church was bursting at the seams.

I barely got a shot of this because I was giggling too hard. The priest shook the holy water a bit vigorously, dousing Shelby and Ryan. =)

And they're OUT!

How cute is he?!

The wedding was coordinated by the fabulous team at Sixpence for Your Shoe, who is comprised of, as luck would have it, Shelby's sister-in-law, Lindsay! Just a few snaps of some of the many beautiful details...

And, oh yes, Lindsay's adorable son (and ring bearer) Landon!

And of course, I always gravitate towards happy, smiling, laughing people. They're always my absolute favorite moments. Everyone's happy at a wedding!

This was eventually the room where everyone retired to after dinner... how great?!

We did a whole bunch of table shots, but this group definitely wins the Goofy Award! =) They ASKED if they could do it! Love them.

[ETA: Lindsay gave SUCH a cute poem/speech... =) I meant to include this in the original post!]

I'll have a couple more to post another time... Thank you SO much for having me along Eileen. Special thanks to Lindsay, Talia, and all the girls at Six Pence, and best wishes to Shelby & Ryan for a fabulous future together. =) Yay!


  1. So gorgeous and it looks like a blast! Yay for the double header being over though!

  2. Yay!! Thank you so much for posting. They are stunning!

  3. awesome job Ms. Salty! :) I LOVE that shot of them coming out of the church just after being married. Beautiful!!!

  4. wowowowow!
    AWESOME work!
    for real!
    These photos are all amazing. The crispness, the lighting, the composition. AWESOME! I'll be this couple is just so happy with these!


  5. Julia--these are amazing! Even though I am forced to view them on my iPhone b/c I'm on vacation! I can't wait to see them all big and glorious on my monitor at home. Thanks for doing the BEST job and being your adorable self. You nailed that church exit--it is exactly as I daydreamed it! Love them all--you rock. Now I am even more excited to see all our shots!

  6. Karen Floyd Mother of Bride
    How beautiful are those shots? The colors and emotions are wonderful. Can't wait to see more!