30 September 2009

Willkommen to a whirlwind week in Germany!

Part I of... well, quite a few, I suspect! =)

I figured it might be easier to share my photos AS I edit. That way I'm sure to share them in a timely manner. After all, I have enough people breathing down my neck. =)

I had the fantastic luck to go to Germany last week for my full-time job. And it just so happens that our facilities are located in quite possibly the cutest medieval town ever, complete with castle. Welcome to Wertheim, a town in southwestern Germany, smack dab between the Tauber and Main rivers, about an hour outside of Frankfurt. It was founded between the 7th and 8th century!

Because I've got over 2,000 photos to paw through, I'm just going to go chronologically.

Heading in to town... the castle on a hill.

Our hotel, the Malerwinkel.

And looking up... so cute!

But even cuter, the adorable Marktplatz, about two steps away.

Not quite sure why their mannequins wear blind folds and not just scarves...

The textures and cobblestones and colors and lines just draw me in like a moth to a flame.

As soon as we dropped off our bags, we forced ourselves to stay awake, fight the jet lag, and hit the town. At about 7:30am my time, we enjoyed our first "bier" at Zum Ochsen.

(OK, so I loved the movement in this, even though it was an "accident.")

I was fascinated when we realized that all over town were these hashmarks to denote the high water lines and years the town flooded. Being situated at the point of the two rivers, it continues to flood every 3 years or so.

After our lunch, we hit up the gelato shop.

Where the Smurfs are apparently still popular.

Wertheim has a very long history in glass - glass blowing, a glass museum, scientific glass (why I was there!) and even the Galileo Thermometers are made there! Outside the Glass Museum was this sign (in German AND English.)

We did a little more wandering...

What better way to fight off jet lag then by climbing up to the castle (Burg Wertheim)! Built in the 12th century and expanded during the 15th to 17th centuries, it was destroyed in 1634 during the Thirty Years' War. Today the castle remains are among the largest in Germany.

To be continued...! You know I'm just starting!!!!! =)


  1. Hey Julia..
    What exactly is your full-time job..?? It must be wonderful..!! Also, I read you're using a Canon.. What model are you using.. Your color, design, "eye" is amazing..!!

    Robin of "Robin and Maggie"

  2. LOVE some of these - I think I see a photo wall in the making....Red Envelope has a great frame set we used for our Italy picture.

    Blindfolded manequins are a bit sketchy.
    I LOVE that you had beer at 7 AM - hurray to you :)

    LOVE the shutter shot.


  3. There is no way to pick a favorite. Or even a Top Ten! This place is incredible. So charming and fun and full of history. I love the shot of the 6 windows with the shutters. And the flood marks are so cool! Keep 'em coming...Sounds like a wonderful trip. Did you have coworkers to hang with?