12 April 2008

Rediscover Your Love of Shooting Workshop ::: Part I

This past Monday, I had the amazing opportunity to attend an all-day workshop given by the fabulous Carla Ten Eyck and Steve DePino.

I can honestly say it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I met a huge group of really kind, fun, awe-inspiring photographers... and I left with hoardes of new info and confidence that I didn't have 12 hours earlier.

Everyone there seemed to be infinitely more "professional" and talented than I, but that didn't matter. Every single photographer had the patience of a saint, dealing with the girl who really doesn't know how to shoot people and just laughed her fool head off the entire time. =)

Carla and Steve... well, they wouldn't let me sit back and watch. ALL I wanted to do was just be a fly on the wall and absorb everything around me, but the whip was cracked and I was forced out of my comfort zone. Nerve wracking to say the least, but much much needed. I'll never step out on a limb without a shove. =) I cannot thank them enough!! Nothing like being thrown into the fire.

Unfortunately, I haven't had a spare moment until now to sit down and go thru my 1,000 shots!!! Special thanks to our fabulous models Cara (below), country music artist Nicole Frechette and Justin & Mary Marantz, photographers-turned-models for the day. =) (Pics of Nicole, Justin, and Mary to come!)

Without further ado...

Steve DePino: Sun God?

Full gallery can be found by clicking here. There will be PLENTY more to come, once I get my act together. =) And if you have the opportunity, check out Carla's blog for a super fun slideshow of the day.

To be continued!


  1. FABULOUS! ha ha. i'm the first to comment but for good reason...i was coming onto your blog to get your email to send you pictures of...you! check your inbox honey! there's some sweet pictures of you in there :)

  2. Nice photos, it was great meeting you as well, it was such a great day!! I really like the 8th one down (the one where the shoe is in focus). You have such a great eye!!

  3. Hello?! You are AMAZING! I can't believe you doubted yourself for a second. Your pictures blew me away. Nice job!