09 April 2008

Shooting thru slobbery lenses...

Nothing better than spending 3 whole days surrounded by snorting, wiggling four-legged subjects. They're so darn easy to shoot... ;) I spent this past weekend at the Bulldog Specialty shows in PA for the Connecticut Bulldog Club, Lower Susquehanna Bulldog Club, and Bulldog Club of Philadelphia. Must share a smattering of the fun pics...


  1. Oh My! Too much squishy goodness!! As I was scrolling each one was my new fav.

    Who is that last little bullie, I think his the second from the top too. He looks so familiar.

  2. Haaaaa....I would cringe at four legged subjects! Great job on these....It was so awesome to hang out with you on Monday! I had a blast, and it was cool to see you in action.

  3. Goodness! I haven't checked in for awhile, and there are SO many wonderful shots! What a fun weekend!