15 April 2008

Rediscover You Love of Shooting Workshop ::: Part III

The last batch... the fabulous Justin & Mary Marantz, photographers-turned-models for the day. How cute are they?

For more, click here!

I'm still all fired up... I need more workshops to attend. =) And I'm totally crashing the PUG meeting tomorrow... so if any of you read this, I'll see you there!!!


  1. LOVE them!!! Ooh, and I've been meaning to tell you I love the new blog look, too.

  2. Oh these are AWESOME!!! We definitely need to get a disc from you!! I heart the one with the series in it...J's face is just priceless!

  3. Part III?! Holy smokes! Great stuff. I must say I can't get enough of your web site either. I love bulldogs (my wife and I would have one if it weren't for the silly rules at our condo), and you have a real talent for photographing dogs from the most interesting perspectives. And your travel photos are amazing. See you at the PUG!

  4. GREAT WORK!! Juila, I can't even say I'm impressed because I've never seen ANTYHING but fabulous from you. I wish I could dump the kids for a while and attend a few workshops myself. JEALOUS!