05 August 2008


Grover is sound asleep as I type this, snoring very loudly. And, of course, he cannot read. So I'm trying not to feel TOO guilty for posting that this amazing yellow tub of fur I met last week has me completely smitten. =D

Amanda Herzberger's Strider is quite possibly the most beautiful dog I've ever seen.  He is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the INSIDE as well. =)

He is the most well behaved dog I've ever met in my life. And he's just a LOVE. It was very hard not to dognap him...

So forgive the barrage of shots - he was just too much. I could not resist.

Will you LOOK at those gorgeous, soulful brown eyes? (He was munching on blueberries, and I interrupted!)

And of course, a little wooby-ing.

The End. =)


  1. You SURE know how to make a Mom proud :) Love the blueberry one and the paw on the dock - of all the bajillions of photos I've taken of Strider I've never taken one of that detail. THANK YOU! xo

  2. So cute! Love the paw print. (You just made my friend at work cry!)

    It's true--I have told my husband all about Strider and what a good boy he is, no doubt due to the love and attention of his parents. He said yesterday (after seeing a photo of the handsome pooch) "I want to get a puppy!" I said, "Sure, we'll just have Amanda raise him for the first year or two and then give him back to us."


  3. I don't even know Strider and I can see what a sweet dog he is through these pics. .they're awesome! I'm a friend of Eileen Broderick. . . we love looking at your blog at work!Dogs are so fun to photograph, I have thousands of my two gorgeous little jack russells! Amanda is very lucky to have such a sweetheart pooch.

  4. # 1, 4, 5, 6, 8 -- all very captivating, IMO. You captured his eyes beautifully in a couple of these. Even with a well behaved dog, it must have taken a lot of patience. Great work!

  5. you are killing me! that blueberry eating shot is just crazy cute...his eyes...OY!

    I am also a Strider lover, he is just the best!

  6. Well my friend always tried to convince me to become a dog trainer as a secondary career. And puppies are pretty fun to be around..... :)

  7. Wow, Julia these are such a beautiful collection!!! LOVE the shot of him eating blueberries. He is such a well behaved friend isn't he. I remember when you snapped the paw print. Amanda is sure to be a VERY PROUD MOMMY :-)

  8. hmmmmmmm not bad! Luke

  9. ahhhhh! i love the 4th one. my buddy boy! strider is the best!

  10. Great shots! I love the foresight to take the pawprint detail shot! You really capture Strider's character in these frames!

    Awesome work!