16 March 2009

It's truly the simplest things in life that make me laugh...

For instance, a quick stop at the grocery store on the way home from work resulted in THIS guy hopping into my basket and accompanying me home.

I don't know what on earth he is. He was all alone in a crowd of leprechauns and leprechaun hats. So of COURSE I had to rescue him. I have the biggest soft spot for misfits.

But there I stood in Stop & Shop, laughing. He resembles Cookie Monster but without the copyright infringement, I suppose.

And now he sits on my counter, begging to be snarfled down, taunting me. I don't even know what he actually is, food-wise. He's roughly the size of a cupcake, so I'm willing to bet there's a cupcake hidden somewhere under there, below 5" of blue, cavity-inducing (haha) icing.

I suppose this isn't terribly blog-worthy... but the simplest things make me laugh (and pretty much everyone will tell you I laugh A LOT.) I think it's terribly important to enjoy the simple things in life. =)


  1. So I have to know, what WAS he? (Surely you couldn't have held out this long...I know I couldn't! LOL)
    He is almost too cute to eat!

  2. You know me too well!!! Of COURSE I couldn't wait. =) He was a yellow cupcake inside. YUM! And, I confess, I have only eaten his back end. His "face" is still intact. I can't eat his big, sad boogley eyes... I AM a sucker!!!

  3. that's so funny - i am ALWAYS drawn to these lil' creations when i am in the grocery store...but i've never actually bought one...because i wondered what exactly i'd do with it (after all, it's way too cute to eat - and how long would he last....especially with four dogs roaming around the house!!!) :-)

  4. he sure is cute. You are too funny, I don't think I could have sruffled down the entire thing either with his eyes looking right at me. lol

  5. He is so cute! We didn't have one of him at our S&S but Finn saw the little green leprechaun guys and he SWORE they were baby cakes. Little cakes for babies.

    Tell me--did you polish him off?!