04 January 2010

Uppy Puppy

So, Gretl is 4 months old and I've already caved on my "no dogs on the furniture" rule. :) This weekend, it was SO cold and snowy that after our early morning traipse outside, I decided we BOTH needed to go back to bed. :) We snuggled, fell back to sleep for a couple hours, and then I decided to take advantage of the uber-cute pooch on my bed.

Don't leave me!

It's chilly without you, Mom!

You ARE comin' back, riiiiiight?

OK, well, I agree... this is an acceptable compromise.

Yep. Definitely.

Actually, I could get used to this.

Warm, cozy... what more could a girl ask for?

Wait, whatdya mean "Time to get off?!?

I'm really quite happy here!

THIS is where I belong! :)

I hope everyone enjoyed their snowy weekend!!! :) Stay warm!!!!


  1. So precious! You need to submit to Pets on Furniture Mondays at this blog tp://www.desiretoinspire.net/

  2. Love it! Since we didn't want to start kicking Strider off the furniture Sage has been allowed on from day 1 - but only when invited :) Snuggling with puppies on a cold morning is the BEST! xoxo

  3. Julia, sounds great to me!
    We actually encourage dogs on furniture, LOL. i have only white bedding so I can bleach the heck out of it, but I also purchased a whole bunch of cheap white flat sheet to put on top of my rather pricy bedding to capture occasional bully drool, dirt and so on. All gets washed pretty easily and everybody is happy. And there is nothing better than warm bully next to you. Plus I want to know if something is going on with them in the middle of the night. Good luck in spoiling your sweet girl. :-)

  4. I am still speechless. Uppy? Crazy! :)

  5. your dialogue makes me smile...and so does that sweet face!

  6. Gretl is so adorable! Of course your words accompanying the photos are priceless!