27 October 2008

Rabbit & Jude ::: 10.19.08

I've been told my feed isn't performing properly for some reason, so I apologize if any of my updates have gone missing!  And because I love my past two shoots so much, if you missed them the first time, be sure to check out my Gillette Castle family session and my Hammonasset family session.  =)  My beautiful subjects deserve as much publicity as possible!  Hee hee...

Last weekend, I also had SO much fun meeting up with Rabbit and Jude and their mom and dad.  What is more fun that happy, frolicking dogs on a beach?!

It's a bird, it's a plane... no, it's a 6 month old Golden Retriever!  =D

The best part is that the beach is FULL of free toys.

And tasty cameras.

The salty air always smells SO good.

Tastes good, too!

It's the perfect place for good quality time with dad.
Wait for me!!!

One of my favorite things about pooch portraits is that I can confidently share the silly faces I happen to capture without embarrasing anyone!  =)

My absolute favorite of the day.

How cute are they?!
Once we were officially "done," it was time to let loose and DIG.  For what, I'm not quite sure.  But it was ALLOWED... so it was fun!!! 

Thank you guys for such a fun day.  It was so wonderful to meet you, Rabbit, and Jude... give them lots of smooches from me!


  1. Wow! Super beautiful photos - really awesome. I love your favorite too. And I remember the first time we brought Strider to the beach - he LOVED to dig!

  2. wow--what a fun bunch of photos! Those dogs are so damn cute it makes me want to run out and get a puppy! Like, now!

  3. Julia, these puppy pics are beautiful! I especially love the bird/plane/golden retriever. SO awesome!