25 June 2008

“Give yourself an even greater challenge than the one you are trying to master..."

"...and you will develop the powers necessary to overcome the original difficulty.” ~ William Bennett

So, I'm entering my very first contest. I tend to shy away from anything competition-ish because I figure if I don't put myself out there, I won't be hurt or offended or shot down. I'm an incredibly positive, cheery, optimistic person in general, but when it comes to myself, I go in to things assuming the worst... and therefore I have nowhere to go but up!

But I'm changing my attitude. My confidence needs serious boosting, so what the heck. I need to push myself. A lot. In trying to remember a town where a particular photo was taken for a project I'm working on, I went on to the national trust's website for Fountains Abbey, and lo and behold, they're holding a photography contest. (Neat! Wish I had been recently.) For photos from the past 5 years. (NO WAY! I was last there in 2006. Yippee!) So, I'm doing it.

I have quite a few pretty photos that I'm sure are exact dupes of a million other peoples'. It's an awesome place. So, going against the grain, I'm going to submit two totally random images that I hope stand out a little.

They're not perfect, but I'm proud of them. And I can say I did it!

So wish me luck! The grand prize is a one week stay for two people in a National Trust Holiday Cottage in England. (My favorite place in the world!) Of course, can I afford the airfare? Nope. But, that's neither here nor there! Hee hee...


  1. Wow, Good luck! I just LOVE the shot of the stairway and gate, it just draws you in!

  2. These are breathtaking. I love 'em both but #1 just knocks my socks off. I'd love to have that in my house. Good luck!!

  3. wow LOVE the spiderweb shot, it is DOPE!

    Yeah it's hard to put yourself out there for contests! I totally stink at picking my own images to enter, and have never ever won, but I still try!

    Good luck!