22 June 2008


For anyone who thinks a bulldog is mean, take a look at this face.

This is the face of the most terrified, wimpy, quivering mess of a bulldog, thanks to the near constant wild thunderstorms we keep getting.

Don't you just want to scoop him up and hug him?! It breaks my heart that I can't calm him down... he gets SO upset. I turn on the A/Cs, the TV, the radio, the fan - anything to try to drown out the sound. But they sense it coming, you know? And then he sits on my foot for hours, and doesn't leave my side, no matter where I go. Stuck to me like glue!!!

What IS up with all the crazy thunderstorms Connecticut keeps getting?! I used to adore them... and now I have to close up the house and try to distract my poor pup-pup. :)


  1. aww grovie, sweet baby your mamma wouldn't let anything happen to you. Sleep tight.

  2. My friend's dog is also a mess during thunderstorms although with so many lately I think he's becoming desensitized....hopefully Grover will too!