08 June 2008

Shad ::: Connecticut's State Fish

Saturday night, I attended my very first Shad Bake. Apparently, the Shad (a fish I'm embarrassed to say I had never even heard of) is the Connecticut State Fish! :) It's a herring-like fish, and I must say, quite tasty.

For the Shad Bake, the fillets are carefully de-boned, seasoned, and nailed to oak planks with roofing nails. Butter and a secret seasoning is applied, and then they are placed into a "Ring of Fire." A Shad Bake is a very traditional New England thing, so how this escaped me as a native New England is beyond me. (Sorry, but by the time I stopped stuffing my face long enough to take some photos, they had started taking the Ring of Fire apart. Haha... Still cool though!)

The Master Fish Flipper in action. ;)

The nails being removed with a fancy vacuum contraption...

Ready to be eaten...

Ahem... need I say more?

Who doesn't love a big furry face to greet you?

And who doesn't love a true artiste at the stamp-your-hand-so-you-can-eat table?

The rest of the gallery is here: Click me!. It was a really fun time! Thanks guys! =D


  1. Looks like a fun event! I love most fish, but I think I'd rather eat the wood plank.

  2. Wow, I've never heard of that either! Neat! And of course, I just love that Newfie! :)

    Great pictures!