29 June 2008

Who is who?

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! :) Grover was wrestling with his giant stuffed IKEA bulldog and I didn't like any of the pics I got, except for this random outtake. :) Most of the time, I like the "happy accidents" I get rather than the things I actually set out to capture. :)

Hee hee...


  1. aww they are so cute =) I went ti Ikea last weekend and saw those guys there, I thought of you and Grovie.

  2. I LOVE it! :)

    At this very moment K & E are both playing with their IKEA bullies, E has hit sitting at the table eating cookies with him, and K is dressing hers up! Thanks Auntie Julia! :)

    This is an instant classic! :)

  3. Love this! Tell me you are framing this in your house.