15 June 2008

"It's Not Over 'Til It's Grover"

Nothing like a cold rainy day to get you to finish a project you've been meaning to finish for ages. =)

Salty Grapes Photography is so excited to announce that It's Not Over 'Til It's Grover, a silly look into the wit, wisdom and wackiness that is Grover the Bulldog, is now available in print!!!!

The book is available in Salty Grapes Photography's very own Blurb bookshop, which will no doubt, house many more books in the future, provided I'm happy with the quality! I will be ordering a handful of copies myself to have for various crafts fairs and whatnot, but click the badge below to check it out, complete with 10-page teaser, and order your copy today! You too can own 66 pages of Grover Goodness.

Wit, Wisdom, and Wa...
By Salty Grapes Phot...

Grover will happily sign pawtographs for cheese. Inquire within. ;)


  1. Cookie/Kristy15 June, 2008 17:03

    OMG! I love it!!!!!!
    I hope to purchase one in the near future!!

  2. Simply ADORABLE! I had no idea you were working on this. How fun!

  3. OMG, wow I have missed so much. I can't believe he/you finally has a book! I can't wait to get my hands on one.