13 September 2008

Nashville Workshop ::: Part I

As previously mentioned, here is Part 1 of my trip down to Nashville. =)

This was our awesome model Talia.

Our group trekking around the spooky parking garage...

Pardon the horribly OOF photo, but I had to share our workshop leader Kate doing everything she could to get the lighting just right. :)

And our other adorable model, Kristen.

I do have to mention that I'm still working on a borrowed machine which isn't color calibrated... I'm praying/hoping the colors aren't too "off." =) And man, it's taking me twice as long to edit because the keyboard is just SLIIIIGHTLY different than mine... aggggh!


  1. BAM!!! Look at those images!!!!!

    PS: Don't worry about the color... it's fine.

  2. MISS JULIA!! THESE ARE AMAZING! looooove the lighting on all of these! sexy shoe shot girlfriend. LOVE it!

  3. OMG--I am soooo behind on your blog! I have to come back in a day or two when I can really soak it up, but let me say for now--AWESOME! Looks like an excellent workshop and your images are killer. Woo-hoo!