18 September 2008

Wild Blue

Totally random post... but I had to share a recent find. I was visiting Cindy's Wine & Spirts in Westbrook, CT where some of my photos are on display, and while there, picked up a 6-pack of the CUTEST beer ever.

Am I a victim of marketing or what?! And I should know better given what I do.

But the thing was, it sounded good! It's a blueberry beer, and we all know what a hit fruity beers are nowadays. The bulldog just cracked me up, bootin' the blueberry, so I just had to get some.

I will admit, sadly, it was not as good as I had hoped. Very sweet and syrupy tasting. And... worst of all... it's BRIGHT PURPLE. Hee hee hee!!! Had I kept it in the bottle, I would not have known. But noooo... I wanted to save the bottle, so I poured it into a pint glass. And YOWZAH!!!!! Purple beer.

So, I'll just keep admiring the label in my fridge and maybe pick up some vanilla bean ice cream to go with it at some point. =)


  1. You crack me up. I'm totally a victim of cute labels when buying wine - so far I haven't been led too astray. If you don't want to save the bottle you can steam the label off - just put the bottle a few inches away from a boiling tea pot and voila :)

  2. This made me laugh too. Now I love purple, but I think I'd pass on purple beer. The bottle's label is worth saving though!