21 July 2008

Boston ::: Part I

Spent some time this weekend up in Boston. :) It was disgustingly hot! But I did snap a few shots here and there...

Sunflowers grow like crazy in the tiny neighborhoods...

And are visited by many happy bees!

I think Grover would love this doggie park, don't you?

The kids certainly have the right idea!

Every street light control needs a dinosaur, right?

Ooof... apparently there is backstory with this Hilton? Hmmm...

Some good grub is always a must.

As is some good grog.

And of COURSE, the absolute necessity during a scorcher/skawcha:

To be continued...


  1. So fun! I love how capture light!

  2. That no barking sign in the dog park is hilarious, How cool are those kids running through the fountain, and that Hilton picture made me LOL! Once again, I SOOOO want to go to Boston!!!;)