13 July 2008

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." ~Sam Keen

Hammonasset State Park was hopping today... I wish I could bring my camera to get a "good" shot of all the colorful umbrellas and chairs but alas, I'd be too afraid to mix the expensive camera and sand. :)

So camera phone shots will have to do.

And this one just cracked me up... it was literally PACKED until a bunch of people all left at the same time and left us with a huge empty area. In taking this shot of the cute little couple down by the water, I realized it looked completely deserted.

I do wish there weren't so many jellyfish SO bloody early in the season that they had to put warning signs up everywhere, and I wish I wasn't the color of a steamed lobstah at the moment. But all in all, a lovely day at the beach!!!


  1. those are from your cell phone?! wow they are beautiful, love the couple shot =)