21 July 2008

Boston ::: Part II

Copley Square was taken over by the weekly farmer's market. YUM!!! Dontcha LOVE all the color?! I was in heaven...

To be continued...


  1. Love these. the colors are so rich. Isn't it funny to bring your camera to places like this? People are like, "Hey, what's with that lady taking pictures of beets?" But look how pretty these are!

    I spent some time photographing at a farm in New Hampshire back in college and the farmer was like, "Sure, you can take pictures. But it's just a bunch of dirt and cows..."

  2. WOW! I love these! The colors are amazing! MAN, I SO want to go to Boston!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I was at the Norwalk aquarium yesterday, and I swear, I can not take pictures of fish! We spent about 1/2 hour in front of the jellyfish, the kids were facinated. Me? I had a severe case of the willies!

    Gorgeous shots Julia, just wonderful!