07 July 2008

Good music, great friends, beautiful scenery, and a picnic on the beach - what better?

Groton's Esker Point Beach Summer Concert Series is SUCH a good time. This past week Sugar played, and it was a zoo! I guess they draw a pretty terrific crowd in general, but with the holiday weekend, and it not being a "school night," it was packed!

How gorgeous are these two? What's more amazing, I feel like I've known them forever... they are just two of the most fun, sweetest girls I know! :) And they already accept the fact that I will always be sticking a camera in their faces... ;p

Look at this warm light! I couldn't get enough of it...

And it's just in such a great location...

If you're in the area, I highly recommend it. It's free and you can bring in anything you want! :) The evening ends at 8pm, but a couple drinks at the Seahorse or The Spot and it's quite a fun night out! (Do I sound like a tour guide? Ha ha!)


  1. It looks like Charlie's Angels except with out the guns.

  2. Julia! I am going to be in Groton Long Point next Thursday, we should meet up! My inlaws live in GLP and i am down there all the time!!

    Looks like a good time!