04 October 2009

Interruption ::: Puppy Therapy!

Pardon the interruption of the photos from my trip to Germany... but I just MUST share these photos from my afternoon of puppy therapy. =) I've had a very rough past couple of weeks and nothing cheers a person up like a baby bulldog. These 9 puppies belong to a dear friend of mine.

And yes, I'm going to share a ton of out of focus pictures, because they are too cute to toss. They move so fast, and most of the time, all they wanted was to be in my lap. I had an impossible time getting anything super crisp when they wanted to be so close. Hee hee!

See? How can you resist this?

Everywhere you look, someone is getting into trouble...

I brought the squeaky chicken. I figured Grover would have wanted them to have one...

I also brought the Bobo since that was Grovie's other favorite toy. It made my heart swell seeing how much they all loved them.

Baby snoring!

See? Getting into everything.

Ugh. The heart melts.


Too close to focus, but OMG...


They all finally crashed.



  1. The second one and the last one are definitely my favorites! I love the way you captured them looking at you with those perfect eyes.

  2. I want them. ALL of them! LOL

  3. i looooooooooove that last one. i love all of them really but my GOSH those faces are just edible!!! I could just eat up the cuteness right now!! so cute!!! take one home julia! take one home!! xoxo

  4. OMG..!! ..Good For YOU..!! I'll bet they were just amazing to love and play with.. ..there's nothing more darling than baby puppy play.. OK.. I vote 3rd from the top and the last one.. Who tugged at your heartstrings..?

  5. LOVE ALL OF THEM - SOOOOOOOOOO cute cute cute!!!!