28 October 2009

Puttin' on the Dog ::: Adopt-A-Dog, Greenwich CT ::: 10.18.09

A couple weekends ago, I had the huge pleasure of being asked to shoot Adopt-A-Dog's annual benefit "Puttin' on the Dog." I was told it's been in existence for over 20 years, and usually brings in 6,000 people. There are more vendors than the eye can see, rings and rings for contest after contest, tons of food and, oh yes, lots and lots of pooches! :)

Unfortunately, for the first time in many, many years, the event was essentially rained out. It was about 34 degrees, windy, and it poured pretty much all day. With no rain date and no alternate indoor location, the organization lost an enormous amount of money. "Wet Dog" is not exactly the most pleasant smell on the planet, especially with a hint of "mud." =)

But the show must go on!!! We were wet, muddy, and cold but the dogs were smilin'!

Yes, miserable conditions.

Walking around the event were adoptable dogs with little signs that told you their story and temperament. They were all so sweet!

What troopers!

I think fellow photographer Justin Marantz said the other day that he has been drier jumping into a pool than he was that same day... I have to agree.

We got to hear a little bit about each pooch...

And then FROM each pooch!

This shot cracked me up when I opened it... reminded me of the prairie dog photo that ran rampant around the internet a few months ago!

The sweet Chessie who won "Aged to Perfection".

Oh yes, I was in heaven. I ran into a couple bullies.

One who even did the agility course!

Well. Sort of.

And finally, the winners of the Smoochin' Pooch contest! I'd say it was well deserved!

It was a wonderful day, in spite of the weather. Adopt-a-dog.org is an incredible group of people and I can't wait to attend next year, in the SUN. =)

ETA: I almost forgot one of my absolute most favorite photos ever! This little guy took advantage of the fact that I distracted his mom, and he swiped this paper! But I caught him in the act! Hee hee!


  1. These are SO sweet - so many beautiful beautiful wet doggie faces!!

  2. Better than ever..!! :-)

  3. Oh. I want to adopt a whole bunch of 'em. Lots of cute shots here, Julia. Looks like you were a trooper, too. Hope next year is a much nicer day.