31 January 2010

Wedding ::: 10.23.09 ::: Cascades, Hamden, CT

Yes, I am still digging myself out from last Fall. =) Back in October, I got to join my dear friend Cheryl Cronin of Cronin Photography for the first time and we had an absolute BLAST. (As if I was expecting otherwise...!)

Just a handful of my favorites to share from the day...

Such a beautiful bride!!!

Is it cheating to include a photo in a photo? =)

It was such a gorgeous Fall day.

Beautiful girls, too.

If a bit chilly!

Such a happy family!

This one makes me grin ear to ear.

Can't you just feel the love radiating?!

The girls were huddling to stay warm while Cheryl was taking the boys' picture, and they basically made themselves into the greatest picture!

Brother and sister groomsman and bridesmaid. Are they not the cutest?!

Inside at the Cascades Banquet Facility.

The happy couple!


Thank you for including me Cheryl, and for having me along, Jackie and Alex! =)

12 January 2010

Wedding ::: 10.17.09 ::: Gershon Fox Room, Hartford, CT

Back in October, I joined Robin Dini for a wedding in Hartford. C'mon... isn't this a great way to start a blog post? :)

Checking on the weather at all times. So cute!

I love the confusion boutonnieres bring to the table.

Stylin' boys.

The ceremony took place at the stunning Trinity Chapel at Trinity College.

I love catching the off moments... the stuff that happens when they're thinking you're not snapping away.



The amazing Gershon Fox Room... I felt like I stepped back into the 30s.


Such happiness!

Thank you all for a wonderful day!!!!! =)

04 January 2010

Uppy Puppy

So, Gretl is 4 months old and I've already caved on my "no dogs on the furniture" rule. :) This weekend, it was SO cold and snowy that after our early morning traipse outside, I decided we BOTH needed to go back to bed. :) We snuggled, fell back to sleep for a couple hours, and then I decided to take advantage of the uber-cute pooch on my bed.

Don't leave me!

It's chilly without you, Mom!

You ARE comin' back, riiiiiight?

OK, well, I agree... this is an acceptable compromise.

Yep. Definitely.

Actually, I could get used to this.

Warm, cozy... what more could a girl ask for?

Wait, whatdya mean "Time to get off?!?

I'm really quite happy here!

THIS is where I belong! :)

I hope everyone enjoyed their snowy weekend!!! :) Stay warm!!!!

03 January 2010

Wedding ::: 09.12.09 ::: Wadsworth Mansion, Middletown, CT

On September 12th, I had the great pleasure of shooting with Vicki Souza of Victoria Souza Photography. We both had the exciting challenge of shooting for Robin Dini, who had JUST given birth to her new little peanut. :) We had planned everything out in advance, and had even worked as trio during their engagement shoot. It was a full family affair and we had the best time.

Erick seeing Kate for the first time before the ceremony. ("First Looks" are very popular now!)

This is usually posed in such a way for the photographer to get a great close up shot of all the flowers in one big bunch. I love standing off to the side and getting the girls laughing as they feel all silly squishing in together...

I have no idea. But it makes me laugh.

Love that the girls all did their own "thing."

Love the blue!

Inside the gorgeous Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown, CT.

This was so unbelievably cute. They attempted to light the unity candle with their two candles, but the wind wouldn't let them. Then they broke out a grill lighter. And THAT wouldn't stay lit. =) It was hysterical.

It was a moment that I'm sure they'll never forget.

Right at the end of the ceremony... immediately after "The Kiss." And a stealthy groomsman in the background.

Oh the emotion in Erick's parents' faces!

It rained the entire time RIGHT UP until the ceremony so everyone unloaded their cars of umbrellas in preparation. But they weren't needed!


So adorable... their guestbook.

Such a sweet couple!

This group SERIOUSLY knew how to get down.

Thank you Robin, Vicki, Kate and Erick!!!! :)