27 July 2009

Wedding ::: 07.18.09 ::: Jonathan Edwards Winery (Meryl & Jeff)

Lucky, lucky me! My first wedding of season shooting for the adorable Amanda of Orchard Cove Photography and where do I get to go? My favorite grapey place - Jonathan Edwards Winery!
This wedding was the union between Meryl & Jeff - two people so absolutely smitten with each other, I got all goosebumpy every time I looked at them. They were just the most delightfully kind, laid back, generous, happy people. Their ceremony was bursting with love and friendship and their reception was just a blast.

Meryl opted to wear a gorgeous head piece that just tied beautifully and simply into her hair.

I take absolutely no credit for this image... =) Amanda hung the shoes in true Amanda fashion. I wanted to share with some of my non-wedding photographer friends that photos like these come out really cool - in spite of having been taken in a bathroom!!!! Haha!

Amanda does a wonderful "First Look" moment with a lot of her couples... it's such a special moment and she's able to capture the bride's and groom's expressions as they see each other for the first time just before the ceremony. Here is Meryl waiting for Jeff to show up. How cute?!

And here was Jeff realizing it was his cue, and running back into the winery to get his jacket! (Apparently airborn!)

So adorable.

This little guy is going to be a rockin' wedding photographer someday... start 'em young with a D300!! =)

OK, bear with me... I can never get enough grape shots.

Wait, how'd this rogue beer get into the winery?!

Just a couple of "happy accidents" I thought were rather fun.

HThe lights the DJ brought were wild. Lots of fun... but hard to photograph when you have your shutter speed set too slow! (Duh! But there's something about it I like. I don't know...)

And to finish off the evening... a little "hands...touching hands...reaching out..."

"...touching me... touching you..."

"Sweeeeeeet Caroliiiiine... bah bah bah... Good times never seemed so good..."

Thank you SO very much for including me in Jeff & Meryl's amazing day, Amanda!!! =D

25 July 2009

Baby Shower ::: In honor of Robin Dini's Little Nugget!

:) Last weekend (I know... I know... I usually blog a LOT faster than this!) I had the ultimate honor of photographing my dear friend, the glowing, über-pregnant Robin Dini at her family's baby shower. Her mom had contacted me MONTHS ago about coming... the whole shower was a surprise!  It was nearly impossible to be at weddings with her this summer and not be able to rave about how much I adored her mother. =) For all she knew, we had never met!

Well, it all went swimmingly and she was thoroughly surprised. And her mom pulled off the whole day with the CUTEST little birdie details everywhere, at the Tradition Golf Club in Wallingford, CT.

Without further ado... a buncha photos since I know that's what everyone wants anyway! =)

Can you stand it?!



Mommy and Daddy... =) Awww!

The walrus was a BIG deal...

Are they not the cutest?

Of course, I have an obscene amount of photos of the gift unwrapping, but I had to pare it down to my favorites for the blog...

Why are these "portable sheets?" Aren't sheets by nature "portable"? =)

Look at this reaction.  Classic Dini.

Robin's mom made her an Olivia quilt... Incredible.

How à propos...

Behold, the Frankness.

And it wouldn't be a day spent with Robin without... a BOUQUET shot!!!! =) Het sister gave her this adorable little bouquet.

Thank you Dolly for including me in such a joyous celebration of such a wonderful mommy-to-be, someone I am so lucky to call my friend.  =)  XOXO