27 September 2008

6th Annual New Haven Animal Shelter Mutt Strut!

If you're in the New Haven area and happen to love dogs as much I as do, stop by East Shore Park in New Haven for the 6th Annual Mutt Strut! It was supposed to take place today (Saturday 9/27) but was postponed to tomorrow (Sunday 9/28). Hopefully the rain won't dampen such a fun event.

I will be there snapping away so bring your pooch for some fun portraits! :) All proceeds to benefit the New Haven Animal Shelter!

25 September 2008

Wedding ::: 09.21.08 ::: Lily Lake Inn, Wolcott, CT

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to shoot with the wonderfully talented, oh-so-much-fun-to-be-with Robin Dini for Alex and Jeremy's wedding in Wolcott, CT. The day could not have been more gorgeous. How have I lucked out that every wedding I have shot this summer has been an insanely beautiful day?!

Without further ado... (as always, apologies up front for the deluge.)

Such a pretty color, such pretty detail!

Maid of Honor making sure she would be able to hold onto the Groom's ring!

Gettin' ready!

How could anyone resist working with this???

Beware... it was a flower addict's heaven!

Smooch from dad!

Check out that tree!

Annnnnd just like that, they're married!

How adorable are they?!

Start 'em young!

How much do I adore this orange bouquet?!

Hee hee.

Mom and I would assume aunt watching the first dance... awww!

The kids I think had more fun than ANYone!

Some more reception details...

It was a fabulous day... thank you Robin for the wonderful opportunity as always, and thank you Alex and Jeremy for having me!!! =)

21 September 2008

Two of my favorite things...

Two quick things that made me grin ear to ear tonight. It doesn't take much, I know... ;)

1. I love that my awesome 10 year old VW Beetle just got 550 miles to a tank of fuel. It still continues to kick butt after all these years. :)

2. I adore that my GPS actually told me, a self-proclaimed Anglophile, to proceed through the "roundabout" tonight. Not the "traffic circle", not the "rotary". The roundabout. I love nothing more than English chocolate, English beer, English actors and comedians, the English countryside, and my favorite place on earth, London. So, imagine my glee...

Oh, and how'd'ya like my Beetle icon?! Isn't it the best?

I know. I'm such a dork. Seriously. It takes very little to make me happy. =D

18 September 2008

Wild Blue

Totally random post... but I had to share a recent find. I was visiting Cindy's Wine & Spirts in Westbrook, CT where some of my photos are on display, and while there, picked up a 6-pack of the CUTEST beer ever.

Am I a victim of marketing or what?! And I should know better given what I do.

But the thing was, it sounded good! It's a blueberry beer, and we all know what a hit fruity beers are nowadays. The bulldog just cracked me up, bootin' the blueberry, so I just had to get some.

I will admit, sadly, it was not as good as I had hoped. Very sweet and syrupy tasting. And... worst of all... it's BRIGHT PURPLE. Hee hee hee!!! Had I kept it in the bottle, I would not have known. But noooo... I wanted to save the bottle, so I poured it into a pint glass. And YOWZAH!!!!! Purple beer.

So, I'll just keep admiring the label in my fridge and maybe pick up some vanilla bean ice cream to go with it at some point. =)

13 September 2008

Nashville Workshop ::: Part II

Getting back to the Nashville workshop! Saturday morning, we met up with the adorable Heather & Jonathan.


OK, just a couple of fun posters I passed...

How adorable are they?

And so sweet...

We headed over to the Vanderbilt campus to shoot our bride/model, Katie, who also participate in the two-for-one tippling... =)

Just a couple cuties...

And I just loved this shop on our walk back. =)