22 February 2010

3rd Annual Bullypalooza ::: 02.20.10

This past Saturday, Gretl and I packed up for a mini-roadtrip down to Lakewood, NJ for a MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue's 3rd Annual Bullypalooza, a fun benefit for bulldog rescue!

My co-pilot!

We went as spectators/attendees for once, rather than photographer, but I couldn't resist snapping a COUPLE of pics. Especially since Gretl's MOM came! :) You can't tell they're related at ALL, can you? =)

What's hard for me to swallow is that she's already BIGGER than her mom! =( Where did my wee little peanut go?!

We saw lots of bullies...

Even this big doofy guy...

Who Gretl immediately gravitated to. =)

She showed off her ENORMOUS mouf...

She smiled for the camera...

She got loved on within an inch of her life by friends who have known her since she was born...

And she got a goodie bag full of treats and stuffy toys and leashes! Who's better than her? =) It was 2-1/2 hours down and she was an ANGEL. We stopped at a rest area on the NJ Tpke and that was it! Not even a peep. Just sat up, wide awake and watched the world go by the entire ride.

Thankfully, she was so pooped on the way home, she slept the entire FOUR HOURS it took me to get thru New York City. :) I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do if she woke up while I was in gridlock at the entrance to the GWB forced into a non-EZ-Pass lane with my EZ-Pass in hand. (Grrr.) :)

Thank you everyone at MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue for a wonderful day full of good visits with friends, goodies, yummy food, and lots of bullie love!

14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day... from Grovie

A few weeks ago, I was out playing with Gretl in the snow. I broke out "the" mittens to shovel my walk and tossed them off when I needed to take pictures of Gretl being crazy. At one point, she did something super-silly and while I laughed, it made me sad too because she reminded me so much of Grover.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. But Gretl has somehow managed to inhabit his spirit. She is SO similar in so many ways (says a lot about nature vs. nurture!) =) But she's also her own crazy self. They would have loved each other. I wish they could have met.

As the tears welled up, and I went to shake them off, I looked down to grab my mittens, and saw a heart. My boy... saying hello. :)

Happy Valentine's Day from *all* of us. :)

06 February 2010

Engagement Session ::: 01.09.10 ::: New York City

Back in the beginning of January, I accompanied Robin into New York to meet Erin and David, a couple getting married this summer! It was my second e-session with Robin, and it's so much fun getting to know the bride and groom before the big day. :) We spent a couple hours traipsing around the city... and if I recall correctly, it was about 5 degrees. Brrrrrr!

Just some a smattering of fun snaps I took as we went along. :)

Union Station in New Haven... a few days earlier, I heard they are getting rid of the flippity-flippity-flippity sign. :( Probably making room for something fancy-schmancier. Figured I'd better capture it in its last days.

Arriving in Grand Central!

Robin in action. :)

How can you not laugh around Robin?


We hopped on the subway...

To Central Park!

Robin,a huge Beatles fan, was deeeeelighted we stumbled across this.

Doing anything to get the coolest engagement ring shot.

This donated bench really made me want to sit a spell.

Loved these fire escapes.

And BBQ delivery bikes!

This walking gigantic artwork was a little spooky.

And a last stop in Times Square!


Thanks Robin for inviting me along!!! :) And thank you Erin and David for a great day in the city, and a delicious lunch! I can't wait for your wedding!