31 July 2008

CT PUG Retreat!

OK, so I'm going to go out of order, and I'm probably going to overwhelm my poor blog... =) But I just had SUCH an incredibly wonderful time with this fun, kind, talented, generous group of people, I can't wait to blog about it.

Driving up with Aimee Thomas Oswalt was an adventure and a half. Between her hysterical personality and our completely abandoning our directions and bushwhacking thru CT and MA with only my Google Maps on my phone, we had a blast.

We arrived at Amanda Harris Herzberger's family lakehouse (eventually) and the fun began. Between eating, drinking, gabbing, talking shop, Mary and Justin Marantz set us out with a project... to discuss our biggest obstacles in our lives, both personal and business and to come up with 101 Goals to accomplish in 1,001 Days. Yikes!!! It is as hard as you think. =) I will admit, it's even harder when your life is in a state of flux, as mine currently is. But MAN, am I looking forward to cracking down...

I'm noticing that most of my colleagues are posting a few pics here and there... well, you'll all just have to deal with the FLOOD of pics from me. I had SUCH a great time. =)

The beautiful home in which we all camped out on air mattresses scattered everywhere... right on a gorgeous lake. A perfect spot for watching a dumb scary movie, too! =) In a tiny room squished full of 20 crazy photographers...

A wee visitor...

Talking shop down on the dock

Would you LOOK how gorgeous?!

The adorable Aimee Thomas Oswalt who is just a hoot! Have I said that already?

Justin Marantz, leader of the Pictage User Group (of which I am a proud imposter!)

Who doesn't love the image of doing yoga down on the docks along the water at dusk?! While I haven't done yoga in 10 years, and sticking my rear up in the air for an audience is not my first desire, it was still fun...

Cameras were everywhere... we were our own paparazzi.

How cute is Mr. Marantz?

Tina Parsadanov and Joy Moody, attached to their iPhones... even on RETREAT!

Notice how everyone is just always beaming? Christy Murray also plays a mean game of Mafia...

The awe inspiring Carla Ten Eyck at work. If only I had an ounce of her talent. I just love to watch her work. She has fabulous taste in bathing suits, as well. ;)

The hysterical, non-filtered Nikki Nicole... her actual real name! =D Not just a great business name!

Michelle Wade Houston and Heather Colt

OK, so not technically great photos, but man, what a bunch of goobers...

A wet but happy Paul McNerney from Studio Foto

Wild blueberries on their way in!

Kiva Sutton of Annandale Photography

Jo of Allergo Photography working on her goals

And her husband David Lee also of Allegro hard at work...

He was so knowledgable about kayaking...

... thankfully for Aimee's sake!

Jacob Bergmeier and Heather Colt hard at work...

Eileen Broderick doing whatever it takes to get the shot...

Justin rockin' the kayak

Krystal Prue of Studio Foto disappeared and kayak'd the entire lake!

Madame Butterfly... ;)

Jacob Bergmeier of NoDo Photography, such a nice, genuine guy I'm so thankful to have met!

The hostess and her man... Amanda and Strider. I have reserved an entire blog post JUST dedicated to the hoards of photos I took of Strider. What an amazing soul he is.

Val McCormick laughing thankfully as much as I did...

And I have to snag this photo from Amanda just to give you a feel of the time spent... since I'm IN it, I couldn't have taken it. =) Hee hee...

And special thanks to Jacob for showing me (laughing crow's feet and double chin and all!) at my usual... it's been months and months since anyone here has seen my face since I finished my self portrait project so I figured I'd share his shot. =) Thanks Jacob!

And thank you to EVERYONE. You guys have no idea what those two days meant to me... =)

PUG Retreat Goodness...

I'm so backed up on editing (darn that life that gets in the way!) but I just HAVE to post the epitome of how I spent the previous two days at the PUG Retreat. What a terrifically fun group of people and what an awesome time!!!

Heaven, right? :)

SO much more to come!!

27 July 2008

Fun! Fun! Fun!

I had a blast yesterday, second shooting for the fabulous Robin Dini. :) I just had to drop off this photo as it gives me the warm fuzzies all over!!! (Pardon the blur of the name... I tend not to post my last name anywhere. Sorta ruins the overall image, I realize, but oh well!)

It was a gorgeous day, the bride and groom and entire wedding party were a blast, the moms were adorable... I wish I could share more, but I've got a full itinerary the next couple of days. =) I'll be back with plenty more later! It could not have been more fun!

21 July 2008

Boston ::: Part III

And to attempt to keep cool, a visit to the Aquarium seemed fitting! :)



(...with big teeth like this!)

and ridiculous faces1

Giant turtles

Electric Eels (ick)


Jellies (yeah, not exactly what I want to be looking at given CT's huge population at the moment...)


Dat's it! =)