21 June 2010

Wedding ::: 05.22.10 ::: Amarante's, New Haven, CT

Back on May 22nd, I helped my dear friend Robin Dini shoot Julia and Matt's wedding. We started the day at St. Bridget's in Cheshire, and ended up at Amarante's in New Haven. Just a few favorites from the day! :) Robin and I had such a great time, as always!

Robin was shooting bridal party portraits, and I was just capturing the activity around me. I couldn't resist how gorgeous these girls were, the colors of their dresses, the little details they added, and oh yes, the gorgeous backdrop!

Always fun when a bug decides to get trapped in the gown!!! :)

Soooo adorable. x3!

And what was so touching to me was that they were high school sweethearts. :) The connection between them was amazing. (Julia even wore the same shoes she wore to her prom under her wedding dress!)

Thank you Robin for having me!!! And congratulations, Julia & Matt!!!

14 June 2010

Wedding ::: 05.15.10 ::: Pavilion on Crystal Lake, Middletown, CT

Blogging, blogging, blogging... two nights in a row! Unheard of! :)

On May 15th, I joined my wonderful friend Cheryl Cronin of Cronin Photography at the Pavilion on Crystal Lake in Middletown, CT, for the wedding of Stacy and Mike!

There is something about this moment that always gets me. It's chaos, but it's methodical. It's happy, but it's stressful.

Whew! She's in!

Such a rich red!

Hee hee... I could photograph people laughing all.day.long.

Nice! She looked right at me! Love it!

The ceremony took place in a wooded area, under tree cover, and on a blanket of pine needles. It smelled wonderful, and was so cozy. Not to mention pretty!

It was tough with the sun streaming through the leaves in patches, but man I loved the emotion in this one.

How cute are they?!

Love catching the ring oogling during portraits.

Cheryl was getting these bridal party portraits, but I just loved how pulled together they all looked. The color of the dresses was so pretty. Very unusual!


This poor martini went unclaimed during cocktail hour. All alone... the horror.

I still have absolutely no idea what is going on here, but every time I got near these guys, it was like their spidey-senses knew I was approaching, and they hammed it up. :)

Like I said, absolutely no idea. (And who carries that much cash nowadays?!)


There was some Cotton-Eyed Joe...

Some Cha-Cha Slide...

Even a worm snuck in!

It was a great night all around. :) Even the bartenders got in on the fun!

Thank you again Cheryl for inviting me along and I hope Stacy and Mike thoroughly enjoyed their incredible honeymoon!!!!

- Julia

13 June 2010

Wedding ::: 05.15.10 ::: Silas W. Robbins House, Wethersfield, CT

Yes! I am still here! :) And blogging away! I promise!

Last month, I worked with the lovely Eileen Broderick of e. broderick photography for a wedding at the Silas W. Robbins House in Wethersfield, CT. It was a stunningly recently restored Victorian bed & breakfast. If anyone local to the area needs a mini-weekend break away from life, this is the place to go! You step back in time as you cross the threshold. John & Shireen Aforismo, the innkeepers, did an incredible job.

Alan and Patty had an gorgeous day, and I was so honored to be a part of it. I've got so much catching up to do, I'll just share my absolute favorites!

Patty, about to be walked down the aisle by her son! So sweet.

How cute?!

This particular moment had be stifling my giggles... the ringbearer had a Tiffany box strapped to a little antique toy car. He was zooming it around, entertaining himself for quite a while! Great idea! So when the priest went to take the rings, he chuckled when he saw what he was taking... "Oh! And they come with a nifty car too!"

Of course, after the ceremony, everyone had bubbles to blow, and I seriously could have photographed everyone trying to get them to work all.day.long. They were so silly and a great group. Who doesn't love bubbles?!

Patty's Matron of Honor wore such a pretty shade of pink that looked so lovely against her flowers.

Love love love...

Can't get enough of the cuteness.


A quick shot of the gorgeous cake...

Thank you, my dear Eileen, for having me along for the day. It was truly one of the most touching days, and one that I will remember and treasure forever. And congratulations to Alan & Patty! =)

- Julia