21 March 2010

Leopards and peacocks and bears... and bulldogs! Oh my!

This past Wednesday, I headed into New York to have Gretl spayed. :) It was not something I was looking forward to, so I happily distracted myself with a day at the zoo, some time spent with a friend for lunch, and even a visit with Gretl's siblings. :) Definitely all wonderful ways to keep my mind OFF of the fact my pup was undergoing "major surgery."

So I headed to the Bronx Zoo! I had never been... and I'll be honest, March 17th is not exactly prime animal viewing time. In fact, I think it may have been the most boring time EVER to go. Most animals were "inside" even though it was 70*. :( But here is what I did manage to see:

This guy cracked me up... he was totally posing for a tourist.


The one "real" animal I really got to see that I can't see locally... a snow leopard.

Oooh! Look! A wild, elusive photographer in its natural habitat. (Yes, I was that bored walking through empty exhibit after empty exhibit.)

Finally! Some signs of life! A ham for the camera!

Who loves "chew" toys.


He loses them!

Toy overboard!

Oh no!

What's a bear to do?!

Why, go down and get it back, of course!

Victory is mine!

Happy Bear. And yes, I did indeed stand and watch him for way too long. =)

The seals and sea lions put on a good show for the kiddies.


When I realized I had seen everything there was to see, I went off to visit the OTHER zoo... :) Gretl's siblings. They move too fast to get anything really good and in focus, but this particular one of Gina makes me smile.

My patient was ready to come home... and for the record, this was the torture *I* was subjected to... my baby! Out of surgery...

Behold, the sleeping bulldog in cage #1.

The sleeping bulldog on the Merritt Parkway.

And the drugged up, dopey bulldog in its natural habitat, unable to figure out what the hell happened to her.

:) So glad it's over!!!! Thank god for my camera - it really keeps me sane when I need something else to put my mind on. :) And thank god for my dear friends who kept both Gretl and me company.

18 March 2010


Gretl and I trust everyone had a good St. Patrick's Day and didn't drink TOO much Guinness!

We spent the holiday at the vet getting the infamous spay done. It's all over, thank goodness! But not before a quick performance as the first Irish Bulldog Pimp.

Lady, I am a wee lassie!!!! :)

Such a good sport, eh? :)