17 May 2010

"To complete, not compete..."

A couple weeks ago, I started running. I've never been a runner. Even when I was in phenomenal shape as a competitive swimmer, running was my nemesis. It still is.

With the "invention" of the Couch to 5k program a couple of years ago, I've been inspired to try again. So many friends of mine have done it soooo successfully.

A friend of mine convinced me to do the Greenleaf 5k in New London, CT two weeks ago. I had planned on walking the whole thing, just to have fun, enjoy the experience, and having the ability to say I did a 5k. "To complete, not compete," as she told me.

The start was so exciting and the energy was so infectious that I got swept away and ended up running a lot more than I expected. I was still WAAAAAY behind everyone... :) But it was so much fun passing each mile check-point, hearing what my split was, being given water, and being cheered on! My friend and some of her other friends were all there (having finished way ahead of me! :) ) at the finish line screaming for me. I did it! I "completed"!!!! And I had my very first number!!!!! And there were still 40 people behind me! I wasn't bringing up the rear. =D

Now that I've had a taste of the fun, the camaraderie, the thrill, the encouragement, the food, the raffle prizes, and the t-shirt (!), I cannot wait to do another one. The thing is though, I want to RUN. :) So, I keep plugging along with my intervals every other night after work... my neighborhood is PERFECT for "wogging." (Walk-jogging.) I use the Nike+ chip to tell me how far I went and my pace, and the C25k app on my iPod Touch. They also have C25k podcasts you can listen to. Both methods tell you exactly when to walk and when to run. It's brilliant. I have zero ability to police myself and the last thing I want to do is be trying to keep time AND run. I'd totally fall in a pothole.

Some days are better than others. But I'm getting faster, stronger, and someday I'll get there! :) I totally understand the addiction now. I can't wait for my next one!

12 May 2010

"Boston, you know we love you madly...hear the crowd roar to your sound."

Need I say more?

Thanks to my dear friends Corrie & Doug, I got to go to my FIRST Red Sox game evah last week.

It was incredible! We were in the "bleachers" but smack in center field. Awesome for a photo-hog like me.

What I couldn't understand was how little people actually WATCHED the game...

My one and only shot of Wally. :) He's really not out and about as much as other "mascots", huh?

As luck would have it, they were celebrating Nomar that night.

Nomar about to throw out the first pitch.

Kevin Youkilis coming out to join him.

Cue the music.

OK, so I missed myself in this one...

And then I missed Corrie in this one. What can I say. I need one of the new cameras with the screen on the front.

Awesome. Just awesome. =)

Cracker Jacks heah!

Diet Coke heah!

OK, so this was pretty cool to watch him catch - and even though it's a bit out of focus, I'm still glad I caught it!

I'm addicted now... have I mentioned that?


It amazed me how different the stadium looked in just a few hours...

Red Sox win!!!!

I need to go back. NEED.

See? Happy Julia!

Our seats were right next to the Green Monstah! We even had a home run ball hit right to us - a guy got it 6 seats away. So cool!

So... how do I get tickets?! :)