31 October 2008

Fire Marshall Bull

"Let me show ya somethin'!"

So, my mom tortures me every year.

Do you think that's fair?

She said I even looked like some old guy named "Dorf" with my short little legs. I'm too young to know who that is. Oh the humanity.

Aw crap... man down! Man down!

Well, don't just stand there! Call the Life Alert people!

Oh for the love of pete. Stop laughing - the pictures are blurry anyway!

Well, I love her anyway, and will protect her and our home...

... like a good firebulldog should.

Yep. Even though I know she's taking advantage of how patient and sweet I am.

Oh ok fine... pose to the left.

Pose to the right.

Now give me that cheese, woman! I earned it! =)

What can I say... it's tradition! 8 years strong! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!!

28 October 2008

Gillette Castle ::: Part II

Had a little time to go through the "other" photos I took during our visit to Gillette Castle. I'm always up for an adventure, and I'm pretty much willing to make ANYthing an adventure... so on my way to the park, I had a memory of going on a little ferry across the Connecticut River when I was a kid. I decided I HAD to do that again, so my trusty little Bug and I followed my GPS until it told us to "Take the ferry." =)

We hopped the $3.00 ferry in Chester and went for a 3 minute ride to Hadlyme!

Doesn't he look great on the water?

OK, so the REAL reason I went this way because I knew I'd get a great view of the castle from the water. Heh heh.
Little 8 car ferries still have crew!
And this cutie!

Couple shots from land...

Hard to believe that this was someone's home in the '20s and '30s...

Almost spooky, really.

Driving home, I couldn't resist a very quick snap of the sunset ahead of me... I was NOT looking through the viewfinder, don't worry! ;)

27 October 2008

Rabbit & Jude ::: 10.19.08

I've been told my feed isn't performing properly for some reason, so I apologize if any of my updates have gone missing!  And because I love my past two shoots so much, if you missed them the first time, be sure to check out my Gillette Castle family session and my Hammonasset family session.  =)  My beautiful subjects deserve as much publicity as possible!  Hee hee...

Last weekend, I also had SO much fun meeting up with Rabbit and Jude and their mom and dad.  What is more fun that happy, frolicking dogs on a beach?!

It's a bird, it's a plane... no, it's a 6 month old Golden Retriever!  =D

The best part is that the beach is FULL of free toys.

And tasty cameras.

The salty air always smells SO good.

Tastes good, too!

It's the perfect place for good quality time with dad.
Wait for me!!!

One of my favorite things about pooch portraits is that I can confidently share the silly faces I happen to capture without embarrasing anyone!  =)

My absolute favorite of the day.

How cute are they?!
Once we were officially "done," it was time to let loose and DIG.  For what, I'm not quite sure.  But it was ALLOWED... so it was fun!!! 

Thank you guys for such a fun day.  It was so wonderful to meet you, Rabbit, and Jude... give them lots of smooches from me!

23 October 2008

Family Portraits ::: 10.18.08

This post is a huge one for me... not only am I excited to share some fun shots from a great day, but this session marks a huge milestone for me and for Salty Grapes Photography.

This past Saturday I had the honor of shooting my very first clients - a year later!!!  They were the first people who took a chance on me... who asked if I would take their pictures for their Christmas cards.  =)  They gave me the beginning buds of courage by being so easy going and so much fun to shoot.   And man, what a year it's been!

Of course, it's hard to take a "bad" photo of them.  Are they not GORGEOUS?  And lucky for me, this year, their cousins came along!  Way, way, way too many photos to share...

Eeeeee!!!  Flare!!!  =)  Yay!

Silly moms!!!


The lone boy in a sea of girls.

Note to photographer when doing this shot next time:


The day was ALL about jumping... I have a bunch left to edit of each kid and their "jumping" moment.  Lots of good stuff to jump off at the beach!

The ability to piggy back 3 at a time runs in the family I guess...

Kalidescopes galore!

A whole lotta Uggs...

All the girls!

Seriously... can you get any MORE photogenic?


Love that I happened to catch this moment...

And can't forget Hazel:

And Lovie!

Thank you guys... I really had a blast.  I don't know how everyone had SO.MUCH.ENERGY though!!!  =)