31 May 2009

::: Family Photos - early 1940s! :::

How much do you love finding old family photos and seeing that your relatives were ALSO into interesting compositions and beautiful subjects?!

You'll all have to bear with me... I have a couple more posts of family photos that I absconded with. It never occurred to me that my grandpa would have documented so many beautiful moments when HE was young.

I inherited a LOT of my grandmother's qualities, good and bad. =) As my mom says, if there was ever anything daring her not to do it, she did it. I couldn't believe these wonderful photos we found in the albums at her house.

April 15, 1942

There were hordes of beautiful photos of her... my grandfather was clearly head over heels.

November 21, 1941

My grandmother is on the left, and my great-grandmother Julia Harrison is on the right. How cool?! May 26, 1942

And just my great-grandmother... my grandfather would have been great at "getting ready" wedding photos! =) Haha!

And from before they were even married... *swoon* January 6, 1942

22 May 2009

Floyd the Flamingo's Friday Frolic

Floyd was still in my car today from the previous photo opp, so when it came time for us to begin our super-duper summer Friday hours at work, and my friends and I hit the beach, how could Floyd not tag along?

Beware however, these are entirely too goofy, and they are from my Blackberry. I take no responsibility for the quality. =)

Floyd doing his best Tom Hanks/BIG impression. Garnered a few honks.

What a scofflaw.

Decided he wasn't as interested in the awesome shallow water and sandbars I was. And refused to stand up and pose for me. Horrible subject.

Seriously! You could walk out really far and still only be ankle deep. Just gorgeous.

Too bad he was more interested in breaking rules and apparently snacking on seaweed or something.

Fabulous afternoon, followed up by a great evening. =) A great kick-off to the summer!

And thanks to the Shootsac folks for including Floyd in my recent package. It's the goofiest things that crack me up and make my day. Floyd might have a few more adventures throughout the summer... who knows. For now, he'll stay in car and see where life takes him.

17 May 2009

A little bit of randomness...

Floyd the Flamingo looks longingly over Long Island Sound, anxiously awaiting the return of the sun and the hint of wonderful weather we had just a few weeks ago.

(And Julia longs for a spark of creativity to return with it! =) Tired of gray, dreary, foggy days... shooting inflatable flamingos isn't a sign of losing one's mind, is it?!)

03 May 2009

No super models here...

Just a bulldog who apparently doesn't appreciate the camera as much as he used to. Ha! ;)

Soooooo... are we done here?

If I ignore her, will she go away?

Just thought I'd play around a little with the new lens AND the flash together, though I'm sure looks like a torture device to the poor dog... he wasn't quite sure what to make of it, as I usually just have my tiny 50mm on when I'm shooting him. =)

He might not be a super model, and yes, I know he has a face only a mother can love, but he's the greatest little guy on the planet. :)