29 August 2008

Wedding ::: 08.16.08 ::: Stonington, CT

Whew. Here I am. Finally. With pictures from two weeks ago! I don't know where the times goes... I thought I was going to be twiddling my thumbs this summer. :) Anyone still around?

So this was the gorgeous wedding in Stonington for which I had the awesome pleasure of shooting with Justin and Mary Marantz. And yet again, I can't seem to pare it down to just a couple, so forgive me. :) I get a little excited...

The best part was that the bride's aunt's home was undergoing a huuuuge renovation. Made for some REALLY fun and funky exposed beam shots! :)

The Marantzes, previewing their work.

They are consummate professionals after all.

The parts of the house that weren't being torn apart were ah-maz-ing.

As were the grounds...

The beautiful bride, Teryn

Of course, I can take NO credit for the positioning as that was all a Mary pose. How adorable?!

So I had to shoot her in action...

Watching all the men walk over...

Such beautiful girls...

OK, so I was trying to work on my flare techniques with some help from Justin, and THIS is the mess I got. Flare Gone Wild. I'll get it someday.

Heading in for the ceremony (where cameras weren't allowed.)

Such a fun family!

Gorgeous centerpieces...

Stunning view...

Beautiful bouquets...

OK so I'm still a flower junkie at heart.

Huge lawn, perfect for a party...

Lovely cake...

Lots of laughs during the MOH/BM speeches! :)

And here's where I get all choked up...

And an all around fun time!!!

Thank you Mary and Justin for having me tag along, and congratulations Teryn and Brian!!!

Hope everyone has a terrific holiday weekend!

17 August 2008

Destination ::: Stonington, CT

Didn't I blog a few weeks ago about my summer plan to visit as many Connecticut tourist destinations as possible?? Those plans derailed a bit when my schedule became chock full of activities, so these pics are an effort to stay on track a bit. =)

This weekend, I had the wonderful honor of shooting with the Justin & Mary Marantz... they are both a blast to work with. Seriously. I'll be sure to share a few shots from the wedding eventually, but for now, I wanted to post a couple I took when I first drove into town. (To be honest, I wanted to quickly practice my settings for shooting in really bright sun before meeting up with everyone!)

I had never been to downtown Stonington. I've apparently been missing out. I fully intend on going back before the summer is over! It's SOOO quaint and incredibly beautiful...

The houses up and down the main streets are to die for.

I want an orange door. I already have an orange bathroom so I guess it would be overkill... boooo!

So that will have to hold everyone over for now! =) Haha...

ETA: I know how to spell AND how to type. Why did no one tell me I had Destination spelled Desitnation for days?! Apparently FireFox's spell checker doesn't check the Blogger Title box!!! =)

13 August 2008

Wedding ::: 08.09.08 ::: Owenego Inn

For the second weekend this summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to second shoot for Robin Dini... this time, at the beautiful Owenego Inn in Branford, CT. You'd think having grown up in CT I would have been there at least once, but nope! And it's gorgeous. Truly.

I'm a little over eager, so bear with me... this wedding was just perfect in every way. And Robin is just so much fun to shoot with!!!

Spent a few minutes down in New Haven with the boys as they got ready:

Then over to Branford to snap a few shots before the ceremony on the lawn...

(How cute is this?!)

Someone needs to teach me how everyone gets such awesome "flare." I haven't a clue how to do it. Mine looks like a little alien rocket ship.

As you will see, I was way too enamored of the sunflowers... =) This was a gorgeous arbor that the groom and his dad made.

So cute!

There was just so much love amonst all of their friends and family...

And the bride and groom were two of the cutest, most smitten-with-each-other people I've ever met!

How beautiful is she?

One of my favorites... I love how it just tells such a sweet story.

Her beautiful e-ring

Salty grapes? ;)

It was truly such a fun night!

Thank you Robin so so very much, and thank you Lisa & Sean for having me! =)

And yes... the Olympics are keeping me awake and I am posting this well after midnight. And I DO have DVR!!!!