02 September 2010

Wedding ::: 08.07.10 ::: The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station, East Haddam, CT

Amanda Herzberger of Orchard Cove Photography is one of my very dearest friends. So it goes without saying that when I get an opportunity to shoot a wedding with her, it is a blast!

Back on August 7th, we met up with the beautiful Mary and Aaron! Just a few of my favorites from the day to share... it's always fun when I'm sent off to document the boys getting ready. They're always ready to go and just chillin'. :)

Niiiiice cuff links!

This one is so hysterical to me, because Mary texted a photo to Aaron of the limo that had just arrived for the girls. Aaron said "It's pink." And I didn't believe him. It really WAS pink. Bubblegum pink. And hilarious. According to Amanda's telling of the story, the real limo was running late, so they sent it as an upgrade!

More boys goofing off.

I was able to snap a couple quick ones of the girls, and we were off to The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station in East Haddam!

The flower girls' Crocs decked out in tulle and crystals!

Ready, set...


Mazel tov!

OK, so I just adored this picture... They are too darn cute. There was a story here too that I'm fuzzy on. I believe someone forgot to pick someone up? And I somehow ended up driving the groom and two groomsmen there... it was an amusing day to say the least! Everyone was so sweet and easy-going though, it was perfect. :)

So sweet.

As this was only my second wedding with the Hora, it definitely proves challenging to get these kinds of shots. But I can't resist sharing their happy faces!

And we can't forget Mom and Dad!!!!

Thank you all so much for letting me share in your day! And thanks for having me along, Amanda! =)

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  1. Thank YOU - you did an awesome job and it was fun having Salty Grapes along again - I'm looking forward to 10/30!! xxoo