02 November 2010

Pooch Portrait ::: 10.26.10 ::: Blue the Great Dane

Meet Blue, the beautiful blue merle Great Dane. Is he not the most stunning big guy you've ever seen? I wanted to take him home, except he's the size of my living room. Well, that, and getting him home would have been difficult as he was twice the size of my car. :)

Such a sweetheart!!!

He had a tri-paw'd brother named Monkey... so sweet!

Nothing makes me happier than capturing such sweet pooches for their owners! =)


  1. He is gorgeous!! What colors!! Monkey is a sweetie, too! Great shots, as always!

  2. Robin Neiswender04 April, 2011 18:54

    Love these pics Julia..!! Especially #5 from top..!! Hope you life is amazing..!!