01 November 2010

::: The World's Shortest, Fattest Giraffe :::

Yes folks, it is true. There is such a thing as a short, fat giraffe. It is not native to the Connecticut shoreline, however it has made an appearance and I was able to document it on Halloween of all days! National Geographic will be calling me for my photos any day now. I just know it. This giraffe is the key to my big break.

I took it into my home as it seemed a little "off."

A little "out of sorts" perhaps?

It was quite interested in going into the crate I just happened to have. Odd.

I asked it if it was interested in going "trick or treating" and apparently, it was not.

In fact, I believe the fat giraffe may have been embarrassed to be outside. I really don't know why.

It did spend some time foraging for food. Grazing.

When it wanted to move, surprisingly it could really hoof it around the yard.

It did not, however, enjoy having its photo taken. How unfortunate.

It was quite thrilled to find some greenery. Sadly, its stumpy giraffe legs could not reach.

After much effort, success!

And a veritable feast.

We appear to have bonded, so you will all be happy to know that the tubby, oddly shaped giraffe will be sticking around. :)

Happy Halloween from Gretl and me, everyone! =)



  1. It's interestng that this shorter, fatter species is here in N. America rather than far away in Africa: I'll keep my eyes open!

  2. Robin Neiswender02 November, 2010 02:10

    ...love that last picture.. Kind of wild eyes for a gentle, short giraffe..!!! VEry cute..

  3. Julia, these are just precious!!!! OMG, I cannot stop smiling! My Chester was supposed to be wearing outfit like one of the Village People dudes ( morphed one that was presented to us), but he walked right out of it, totally unhappy. He is a straight dog, I suppose, and was not amused.

  4. A friend's grandson was a giraffe this year as well. Perhaps he would like to meet Gretl! She is such a good patient puppy. Loved the "tale". I am sure National Geographic will want to document this rare species! Great, great pictures!