28 May 2008

Coming soon to a BARK near you!

I'm so thrilled to share that my parents' goofy, happy-go-lucky lab Murphy will be featured in the "Smiling Dogs" section of the next BARK magazine which will be out around July 2!

It even earned my mom a complimentary subscription! :) Yay Murphy!

Now to get Grover in there... gotta choose a big grinning shot. :)

If you're not familiar with the BARK, and you are a dog lover, I highly recommend it. It's a terrific dog lover's mag.

So, can I say I've been published? Hahaha...


  1. WOOF!! WOOF!! I couldn't have done it without you!! Luv, Murf

  2. way to go Murphy!! what a cutie!


  3. Yay! Can't wait to see which Grover shot you're going to send in! : )

    Yay Murphy! I'll be on the lookout in the next issue!