20 May 2008

It really is a "dog's life"...

This is how Grover spent the weekend. OK, OK, so did I. It was too beautiful to be inside! And who doesn't love just soaking up all the beautiful sun and warm weather? Especially sitting here in 50* rain again?

And now I'm off to tie up my phone line calling in for David Cook. I've never watched American Idol ever, until this season. And I SO SO SO want him to win. I just want to hug him... he seems like such a good guy and there seems to be a shortage of those around. :) David Archuleta is a cute kid, but David Cook needs to win. Hmpf. That is all. ;)


  1. So glad you got to enjoy some sun! Love that second pic of Grover! :)

    We've thought that David C would win all along, but to be honest, after last night's show, I think it may go to little David. David C may be better served to get the notoriety from AI but then be able to do his own thing, instead of having to make his first album something that the AI producers want to push. Either way, he'll definitely get something good out of all this, as he should!

  2. Yay for David C!


  3. Gotta love that face. (Grover's.) And maybe David Cook's too. He's a cutie.

  4. Thank heavens David Cook won because I wasn't able to get through a SINGLE time on any of the lines... =) Yippee!

  5. Ha!!!!! How cute is this guy????? OMG!!!